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STEP 1: Purposeful - We help you find your "it" factor.


STEP 2: Passionate - We take the fire you have inside to transform you into the dancer you have been working hard to become.


STEP 3: Powerful - We help you find your inner strength to become the powerful performer you were meant to be.

our Program features

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Group Class

1-on-1 Private

Customized dance levels to fit your needs
Fast paced, exciting movez and music
Access to KeyMovez Network
Pushed out of your comfort zone
1 on 1 time with instructor
Customized Routines

Group class $20+ usd

On different days from 8pm to 9:30pm

So get ready to dance and break a sweat.

limited room availble

Book Class

1-on-1 Private $75 usd

Satisfaction Guarantee

In this special program designed only for your specific needs you’ll receive a full program plan, where we’ll show you how to achieve your goals.

Team choreography $~ usd

Satisfaction Guarantee

Master classes, National choreography and much more.